Toca Life: City's food park is just a part of the game that allows you to purchase food and eat it. You also could own one of the restaurants there. There are 7 different places that you can sit down and eat at, each with a different cuisine.

Sushi: Edit

The sushi counter is filled with different kinds of sushi: raw, cooked, rolled, on rice, and there are many interesting objects in the sushi counter. The sushi counter is playing Japanese Music.

Indian Food: Edit

The Indian counter is filled with bowls of indian food, along with a hot sauce you can put on it. On the side of the Indian Food counter, there is an Indian letter.

Fast Food: Edit

On the fast food counter, there are burgers and fries stacked on the counter. To the right of that, there is a juice machine and a cup dispenser. It is being sold by a cat.

Pizza: Edit

The pizza counter is filled with shelves of pizza, some with vegetables, some without.

Fish and Chips: Edit

The fish and chips counter has many shelves of fried fish and chips, being sold by some kind of animal character.

Dessert: Edit

The dessert counter is being sold by an older woman, with shelves of sweets, everything different. In the top shelf, there are lollipops and candy, but in the others, there are many unusual sweets and cupcakes. In the middle of the counter, there is a cup dispenser and coffee.