The Toca life: City theatre is an interesting place with costumes, hats, and secrets all around!


Entrance: Edit

In the entrance of the Toca Life: City theatre, there are donuts, drinks, and popcorn being sold by a lady in a purple uniform.

Stage: Edit

The Toca Life: City theatre consists of a stage in the middle of the theatre. You can change the look of the theatre, for example, a house, a castle, a space theme, or a forest. In the forest, there is a little rock baby hiding behind a rock.

Costumes: Edit

There are many costumes stacked in shelves to the end of the theatre. On the top shelves, there are hats and masks, along with a tree and branches to hold. To the far end of the far end of the store, there are hair sprays and combs.

Secret: SPOILER! Edit

In the comb box, you can find a green gem hiding there.