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Toca Tailors Meeting PageEdit

Toca Tailors is a tablet game by the company Toca Boca. Nkss ssisoososososoosososososososososssssss s Ss S

Toca Tailors NormalEdit

Toca Tailors Normal or Original is the original Toca Tailors game of 2 Toca Tailors games. There are 2 human kids (Vera and Mick) to stylize clothing on, also a puppy Fiona and a sloth Tobee. You can make dresses, skirts, shirts, and turtle-necks. Be imaginative into making Toca Tailor clothing! Remember, modern time designs!

Toca Tailors Fairy TalesEdit

Toca Tailors Fairy Tales is the second version of the Toca Tailors tablet games. There are two past-time human kids to design and stylize clothing on. Dresses, skirts, shirts and long sleeves. Be imaginative into making Toca Tailor Clothing! Remember, old and past time designs!

Accessories in each Toca Tailor gameEdit

Some accessories featured in each Toca Tailor game..

  • A tied up bow
  • A baseball cap
  • A floppy hat
  • A lei
  • Flower clip
  • Sun and reading glasses
  • etc

Have fun designing clothing for past time and modern time people! Imaginative minds, remember that!